10 Ways I Bond With My Daughter

My daughter Shayne (pronounced like the boy name Shane) is 8 years old and she is just the most darling child ever.  I am not just saying this because she is my kid. Ok, maybe I am a little biased but she really is!  She is smart, kind, loving, thoughtful, caring, witty, and a little sassy but never rude.  I work an evening shift at work so spending time and bonding with her in my free time is very important to me and on the blog today I am sharing 10 ways that I bond with her.
  • Ask her about her day and listen to her responses
  • Mommy & Me Pedicures
  • Regular lunch dates (we have a standing lunch date every other Friday at her school)
  • Board games – we love Connect 4!
  • Movie date or Netflix and chill.  Whichever of these we decide, popcorn is a MUST!
  • Study together
  • Combing her hair
  • Having her help me with the laundry.  Sometimes she would help me load the dryer and other times she would help me fold
  • Have her tell me about the latest book she’s reading
  • Plan some of her extra curricular activities on a weekend day so that I can take her and be there to lend support
What are some ways you bond with your daughter? Comment below – I’d love to hear all about it!

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